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A special event deserves a special cake.

Talk to Bluebird about what you are inspired by, a modern or rustic style, different flavours and colours, and I will design a cake in your image.


All cakes can be created using different types of frostings and fillings, decorated with flowers and greenery, candy, macarons, meringue kisses, drips, sprinkles and all types of toy animals.  I also make the cutest little smash cakes that can be ordered in combination with a normal size birthday cake (basic starting price 30.00euros, extra for special design)!


***Celebration cakes come in either 16 dessert servings or 28 dessert servings, please enquire if you need a bigger cake.


Have a look at my Look Book and more importantly on my Instagram page for more up to date creations.

Contact me for any questions you might have on serving sizes, ingredients and pricings.



Custom cake prices start from 100.00euros,

added fees for extra items such as banners, figurines and cake toppers... 




*Be sure to contact Bluebird at least 3 weeks in advance, as time is needed to create and make the magic happen! 

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