Something to celebrate...

Whether you are looking to celebrate your wedding with a tradional tiered cake, have the feels for a rustic wedding or prefer a modern look with a naked or semi-naked cake, you can trust Bluebird to mirror what you have in mind.  

We also cater to vegan celebrations!

If you simply cannot decide on a single cake flavour, we can also create a dessert table with an array of cakes of different styles and textures, we can even add some cupcakes for fun!


We create our cakes with high quality ingredients and in the instances of a tiered cake, we usually frost the layers with a velvety not too sweet swiss meringue buttercream as we do not work with fondant.

Finally, we can decorate your cake with seasonal fruits, flowers and greenery for example, the possibilities are endless.  

Before settling down on a idea, let's have a chat about what you have in mind, I'll be happy to guide you through the options.

During our cake tasting session, you will have opportunity to taste-test two cake flavours you are inspired by.  A 1 hour session costs 40.00euros.

Don't hesitate to contact us for extended details!



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