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I am mostly a self-taught baker and cake decorator with a passion for designing beautiful cakes and sweets, focusing on clean designs and fantastic flavours and textures. I believe in using the best quality ingredients and making everything from scratch. 


My designs mirror every client's style and theme, incorporating both traditional and contemporary design techniques with modern proportions and clean lines.

I acquired most of my knowledge and skills through experimentation, research, practice, practice, and more importantly, blood, sweat and many tears in the kitchen over several years.


But where did it all start?

I was born in the bilingual city of Montréal, Canada. In my French speaking home, I learned all about cooking and baking from my mom who made everything from scratch, there was never anything pre-made to be found!


That's when my love, passion and respect for home made food began. You needed to get your hands dirty, learn about your produce and invent on the spot, no shortcuts aloud. Early on I came to the understanding that nothing pre-made or processed could ever win over the textures and flavours of home made food!

It was at a young age that I started selling cookies, pies and cakes during the holidays at my mother's work, which proved to be quite a success!


As time went on, I became interested in arts. I studied visual arts and communications, went on to university to study cinematography, only to end up as a set painter, designing and creating a variety of decors for film, theater and museums. 


My work brought me on travels to the British Virgin Islands, Costa Rica and finally to Europe. My unstopable curiosity led me to wander all over the continent, to finally settle down in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Once established in my new city, It was time for a new venture. I wanted to piece together my love for art and design and my passion for good food.  


That's when Bluebird was born, the perfect balance between honest home made food and design.


What's in the name though?


While looking back on my travels, I saw myself as this little bird having flown from so far away to build my nest in a new continent, all the while carrying the blue Québec flag proudly in her heart... 

"Mon pays, ce n'est pas un pays, c'est l'hiver"

                                                                         Gilles Vigneault

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